Some artifacts include:

  •  The oldest identifible golf club in the world, 1790, Simon Cossar. We have 500 old clubs.
  •  The oldest book in the world with reference to golf, 1566. We have 1000 volumes.
  •  The oldest golf ball in the world, 1790. We have 150 balls dating from 1790 ro 1932.
  •  The largest collection of old, long-nosed wooden clubs int he world, 85.
  •  Two of the six oldest golf medals, 1826 and 1838.
  •  Harry Vardon's complete set of clubs plus his golf bag.
  •  The putter used by Horace Rawlins when he won his first U.S. Open in 1895.
  •  Three clubs used by Bobby Jones in his championship years, including grand slam, 1930.
  •  Clubs donated by Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, and many others.
  •  One hundred lithographs and oils, plus many photographs throughout the building.
  •  An 1836 map of St. Andrews' old golf course.
  •  Two Kolven clubs plus a ball, about 500 years old, are displayed in the museum.
  •  Kolven was a dutch game played on ice.