The Golf Museum and the Club have had a symbiotic relationship since the Club was opened on July 2, 1932. The museum was founded by Archer M. Huntington, the principal owner of the Newport News shipyard in the first part of the 20th century. Huntington built the world-renown Mariners' Museum for the people of the Tidewater area, so he agreed to fund a museum of golf for the members of James River Country Club. The two museums are less than a half-mile apart, just minutes off Interstate 64 at the J. Clyde Morris Boulevard exit.

The Golf Museum is not owned by the James River Country Club, rather it is owned by a trust governed by a Board of Trustees and operated by volunteers.There is no cost to tour the museum, but the museum curator suggests calling ahead to ensure it is open. The country club hosts events in the room, so occasionally it will be closed to the public.
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