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James River Country Club...the place where players play and learn the game too!

Located on the banks of the James River our Golf Academy offers personalized lessons, clinics and junior golf camps.  Our Professional Staff is dedicated to helping you play better, enjoy the game more, and construct a dependable swing that will give you confidence on any course.
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JRCC Golf Academy

I was ready to quit golf! At one time I was a fairly decent golferthen the shoulder surgery, hip replacement and arthritis took over my golf game. My scores soared into the 100's. I was embarrassed to play with my friends. I decided this year (2012) to try to get my game back, at least in the 90's. I took lessons from our Assistant Professional Sean Daly. He was wonderful and helped me make the adjustments without making it complicated. My scores are now resting in the mid to low 90's and I am enjoying golf again. I highly recommend Sean Daly as a golf instructor.
~Mary Mills

After a lesson with Jeremy Franks, I am now able to hit 10 to 15 yards farther. Jeremy has changed my swing and I am very thankful.
~ Bongsook Hong

I picked up golf as a young boy at a club in Dallas. Shortly after I bought my Hogan Directors with Persimmon woods, the metal woods started coming out. But upon entering college, I rarely picked up a club again until I joined JRCC two years ago. With my antique, 40-year-old Persimmons and just as rusty swing, I knew I would need lessons and practice to fix my game. Upon many recommendations, I turned to Sean Daly. He has been focusing on my swing path, particularly the take away of the club head as well as my balance. Combined with my new Callaways, my game has dramatically improved, taking off almost 18 strokes. I am now hitting the ball further than I was as a teenager, and Sean's bunker lessons have raised my expectations as I consistently hit bunker shots onto the green. My friends consistently have high praise for the teaching ability of both Sean Daly and Jeremy Franks. Playing better golf makes the game (and the company) immensely more enjoyable..
~ Philip Page

Lyle Papendick Lesson
Jeremy Franks, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Golf is the most complicated game I have ever played. As an instructor my goal is to make the game and swinging the golf club as simple as possible. I have been using a four step system that starts with an athletic set up, transitions into a full turn behind the ball, drives the lower body into a target oriented impact position, finishing with a relaxed pose for the cameras. This process allows the student to focus on one step at a time. Once each step is understood you will be playing golf with the four things I see all tour players doing. 

My philosophy for students is to always look to improve their golf game. Once the four thing I care about in the golf swing become comfortable for the student to duplicate on their own we will be able to advance in other areas. The short game, course management, physical fitness and mental toughness are the areas that need to be developed to make a player reach the highest level in golf. The goal is always the same, continued enjoyment of the game.

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Individual Instruction

All lessons are 60 minutes in length and include video instruction.

To schedule a golf lesson with Jeremy, contact him at 757-596-3112.
Sean Daly
1st Assistant Golf Professional
My teaching philosophy? Keep it simple! The game of golf is hard enough without adding much more to it.
I work with your abilities, from beginner to advanced, to keep you improving your golf game. 

Individual Instruction
All lessons are 60 minutes in length.
To schedule a golf lesson with Sean, contact him at 757-596-3112.